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Workplace Mediation - The Conflict Consultancy

What is Workplace Mediation:

Workplace mediation is a consensual and voluntary process in which discussion between the disputing parties is facilitated by a skilled mediator – providing the parties with a process to listen to one another, systematically identify their issues, develop options, consider alternatives and assist in reaching a mutually satisfactory resolution.

What we do:

Our role is to provide highly skilled and experienced impartial mediators to facilitate the 5 stage mediation process. The Conflict Consultancy mediator will ensure that:
• both parties are given a fair and equal opportunity to speak and be listened to.
• the discussions are kept constructive in a controlled environment.
• the issues are negotiated with the aim of reaching workable agreements for the future.

Your organisation will benefit by:

• Resolving disputes between staff.
• Preventing escalation of workplace grievances and conflict.
• Reducing stress caused by ongoing conflict.
• Minimising time, costs and resources associated with unresolved workplace conflict.

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