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In-House Training Courses - The Conflict Consultancy

Workplace Mediation & Conflict Resolution (Part A)

This 2 day workshop will assist professionals to explore conflict and impart the essential principles and process of mediation. The structured 5-step mediation model and specific conflict resolution skills will be presented and practiced.

Advanced Workplace Mediation (Part B)

This 2 day workshop will focus on advanced issues and aims to refine and update skills, practices and theoretical perspectives used to mediate in various areas of conflict.

Mediation for Managers – Workplace Conflict

This 2 day workshop will assist managers, team leaders and HR professionals to explore staff conflict and the process of workplace mediation.

Conflict Resolution in the Workplace – Skills and Strategies

This 1 day workshop will explore conflict issues in depth and impart essential conflict resolution skills.

Team Culture and Conflict Resolution

This 1 or 2 day workshop will utilise a team building approach to enhance team culture and explore how conflict can be resolved constructively within teams.

Difficult but Necessary Conversations in the Workplace

This 1 day workshop will assist managers / staff to understand and demonstrate the skills and techniques in having difficult but necessary conversations.

Communicating Assertively in the Workplace

This 1 day or ½ day workshop will assist professionals to understand and demonstrate constructive communication skills (e.g. assertiveness, listening, reflecting).

The Artistry of Facilitation: Training Groups

This 2 day workshop will assist professionals to explore the theory and practical aspects of facilitating training groups. The course will ensure professionals have the knowledge, practical skills and confidence in preparing, delivering and reviewing training sessions.
Participating in-house training organisations will receive:
  • An initial consultation to determine the training requirements of the organisation/team
  • A customised manual for each staff member
  • A training DVD for the organisation
  • Attendance certificates
  • Post-training support to discuss training outcomes, program implementation and future strategies or requirements.

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