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Team Facilitation - The Conflict Consultancy

What is Team Facilitation:

Team Facilitation is working with teams to identify and clarify issues, concerns and strengths. It is a process of ‘getting things out on the table’ in a constructive and safe environment. Issues can be then be discussed, addressed and resolved. Team Facilitation also incorporates a focus on team culture by creating a vision and a process for realising this vision.

What we do:

Our role is to bring a clear, structured and transparent process to ensure team issues are identified. The Conflict Consultancy will then:
• Prepare team members/ management to ensure the facilitation process is constructive and productive.
• Facilitate a constructive dialogue for resolving issues and creating a blueprint for the vision of the team and its work culture.

Your team will benefit by:

• Clarifying, identifying and resolving issues within the team.
• Exploring and enhancing individual and team strengths.
• Realising the strategies and process to a create positive & constructive team vision/ culture.

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