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Organisational Culture - The Conflict Consultancy

What is Organisational Culture:

Organisation culture can be defined as ‘how things get done around here.’ It incorporates the values, shared beliefs, traditions and behaviours that make an organisation unique. Although difficult to define, it is often most felt by the new employee – the norms (both overt and covert) of what is and what is not acceptable in the workplace.

What we do:

Our initial role is to make a clear assessment of how staff/ management currently view the organisational culture – including both healthy and unhealthy aspects of the work culture. The Conflict Consultancy will then:
• View how the organisation’s goals / mission / values align with the current culture.
• Work with the organisation to create a clear plan of the strategies and the process required to realise a healthy, productive and conscious work culture.
• Reassess in a defined time to view how far the culture has transformed and possible future goals and strategies.

Your organisation will benefit by:

• Becoming an organisation with a conscious & healthy work culture.
• Creating a workplace whereby staff experience a positive work environment and enjoy coming to work.
• Realising further success due to the potent effect of a healthy workplace culture on performance, productivity, career satisfaction and workplace morale.

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