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Conflict Coaching - The Conflict Consultancy

What is Conflict Coaching:

Conflict Coaching is a one-on-one process that enables the client to explore specific conflict situations in a safe environment. The process assists clients to gain insight, skills and knowledge in managing and transforming their conflicts and disputes. Conflict Coaching facilitates individuals to develop creative, effective and constructive strategies to address the conflicts adversely impacting themselves, their work and the workplace.

What we do:

Our role is to provide highly skilled and experienced conflict coaches to facilitate the conflict coaching process. The Conflict Consultancy Coach will assist the employee by:
• Providing a safe and constructive environment to explore the conflict situation.
• Using a clear conflict model and specific questioning to elicit insight and strategies to manage current disputes.
• Offering a process that can be utilised to de-escalate and prevent future conflicts.

Your employees/ organisation will benefit by:

• Gaining greater confidence in dealing with conflict situations.
• Responding rather than reacting to future conflict situations.
• Preventing and de-escalating both current and future disputes
• Developing open and constructive communication/ relationships.

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